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M.Sc (Hons) Rural Development

Two years Program/Four semester

Program Coordinatory

Eng. Shafique Qadir Memon

In the present scenario rural poverty and environmental degradation are increasing and new configuration among market and civil society are emerging day by day. This program is designed for students interested in pursuing careers that are interactive with the potential and problems associated with the rural sector.

The Program Covers

The program consists of 48 credits spread over 24 credits of course work and 34 credits of research work .The main areas covered are sustainable rural development rural poverty alleviation. regenerating agriculture, human resource development, NGO management, natural resource management, managing project in rural development

Eligibility (Hons) Agricultural/Animal Husbandry/Agri,Eng or M.A/MSc in social work/Sociology/Anthropoloy/Forestry or DVM degree in Economics/Development studies/Environmental Sciences/HRD/NRM/Business Management degree with 2nd division/2.5 CGPA.